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I missed the SF Fog rugby game on Saturday. Here is a photo of Travis taking one for the team:


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I have to lodge a formal protest - your caption led me to expect a very different photo.

Oh, Travis took *more* than one for the team!

All I can think is "He has a drinking problem."

Whatever happened to Rugby being the gentlemens sport where people don't get hurt *THAT* often? LOL

Then it would just be a kegger.

No, the women are *far* more rough than the men. Particularly the lesbians!

When I played ice hockey, it was always the women on our team who would take things personally and get into trash talking with opponents.

My little sister and I both played rugby in college. The women's team was mean as fuck. The guys liked roughing each other up, but the girls really wanted to hurt the other team.

The best were the "formals," where the girls wore evening gowns during the game. I've never seen so much blood.

The problem with head wounds is that they bleed quite a bit, making it difficult to tell at first if the injury is serious or not.

Don't worry... none of us rugby players have anything inside our skulls to worry about!

I would thoroughly disagree with you on that point, but now is not the time for it. I will say that while I rather enjoy scars, too many will ruin that face of yours, which would be a shame.

Oh, now that I left Colorado I meet wonderful guys like you. Should I move back? {grin}


Well, it may be a bit premature for that, but I'm certainly all for knowing when you'll be coming back here for vacations or whatnot. I fear that I'd bore you to tears, though...

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