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Gay Marriage Part 2
And here is a hand chart of the status of gay marriage in the 37 "developed nations" defined by a vague notion of economic strength. Check out the definition at Wikipedia:


It's odd to note the lack of gay marriage progress in Asia. I would have expected some recognition in Japan, for example. I may have left out civil unions or domestic partnerships in some European countries such as Austria or Ireland. And I've left all the smaller duchies and principalities at the end, since I didn't know their status at all. But it's sad to see the United Status standing alone for not having a country-wide gay marriage law. There is action in Italy and Australia and others, so we'll see if 2007 leaves us completely alone on this list.

X = full marriage rights 
Y = civil unions fully equivalent to marriage 
O = civil unions partially equivalent to marriage 

X Canada 
United States 
X Israel 
O Andorra 
X Belgium 
O Denmark 
Y Finland 
O France 
O Germany 
Y Iceland 
O Luxembourg 
X Netherlands 
Y Norway 
O Portugal 
X Spain 
Y Sweden 
O Switzerland 
O United Kingdom 
O New Zealand
Bermuda (UK) 
Hong Kong (PRC) 
Macau (PRC) 
South Korea 
Republic of China (Taiwan) 
Faroe Islands (Den.) 
Vatican City (Holy See) 
San Marino 

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Don't forget to put Slovenia on that gay partnership list -- one can get a civil partnership in that country, even if it's a far step from real marriage.

As for Israel: it's not QUITE full gay marriage. It's true gay marriages are recognized and given the same rights as straight marriages. However, two same-sex couples can not MARRY in Israel (the rabbinate will NOT allow that), but if a couple got married in, say, Spain or Canada and then came back to Israel, that marriage would be recognized fully.

That list was just the top "industrialized nations"... so I also had to leave off Uruguay. My point is that the US is trailing badly behind the other economic powerhouses that supposedly fuel the world economy.

But P.S. you seem to know a lot about it... are you Slovenian at all? You looked like you might be, or maybe it's just the mustache! {grin}

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