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Weak End

Big plans for the weekend:

Afternoon haircut at Joe's Barbershop in the Castro
Hanging out with[info]pigpupsf
Dinner somewhere fabulous
Drinks at Chaps II
CBT party at the Citadel
Sleeping at the Best Western Civic Center... hopefully not alone {grin}

Eighth annual "Bingham Stein" rugby match in Redding, California. This should be a really tough game against a HUGE front line. Plus, it's supposed to rain, so I'm sure the pitch is going to be a mess. And as much as I like getting muddy, I hope I don't break any bones.
After-game drink-up somewhere in Redding
Crashing at a Howard Johnson's in Redding in a drunken stupor (again, hopefully not alone)

Serving a hot local Master. Yea! What a great opportunity to be useful. And it might involve the Lone Star beer bust or a nice walk in Golden Gate Park as well. But most of all, I get to be a slave for part of a day, and that feels really great.

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