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Weak End

Big plans for the weekend:

Afternoon haircut at Joe's Barbershop in the Castro
Hanging out with[info]pigpupsf
Dinner somewhere fabulous
Drinks at Chaps II
CBT party at the Citadel
Sleeping at the Best Western Civic Center... hopefully not alone {grin}

Eighth annual "Bingham Stein" rugby match in Redding, California. This should be a really tough game against a HUGE front line. Plus, it's supposed to rain, so I'm sure the pitch is going to be a mess. And as much as I like getting muddy, I hope I don't break any bones.
After-game drink-up somewhere in Redding
Crashing at a Howard Johnson's in Redding in a drunken stupor (again, hopefully not alone)

Serving a hot local Master. Yea! What a great opportunity to be useful. And it might involve the Lone Star beer bust or a nice walk in Golden Gate Park as well. But most of all, I get to be a slave for part of a day, and that feels really great.

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I think your weekend sounds delicious ;-)

i'm not sure i will be delicious. Maybe if i offered my neck to You then You could taste me...

Though I just had my barber shave my head last night.

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Afternoon haircut at Joe's Barbershop in the Castro

What time?

Not sure Sir! If i can get my butt out of the office by noon, maybe i can met pigpupsf at the Starbear's coffee house in the Castro at 2:30. Then a haircut before it gets too busy, hopefully at 3:00 pm.

ok - Im jealous - Rugby in December - it's just not fair :(

AND a CBT party - c'mon you're just teasing us now and that's not nice at all.

1.Photo? Woof!
2. Joes Barber shop? Woof!
3. Chaps? Sorry. Woof again
4. Citadel? Could get nasty?
5. Someday I'll just have to run into you ;)
6. Good luck at the match

Sounds like a good time, but I see nothing 'weak' in that 'end' you show, my good man.


I provide rope, clothespins, electrical toys, and tiny floggers and slappers. You provide what G-d has given you. Then we have a fun time for an hour or so.

Blondie rocks for any occasion.

Hope you have a good time. I can't make it as a league hockey game conflicts. Since I'm the goalie I can't just not show up and say, "Sorry, I was tied up."

Haircuts. Yum. So who has a fetish for cutting men's hair? I'm about due and I'm willing to submit to just about any presentable non-foofy haircut.

Sounds like a busy and eventful weekend! Hope those balls don't tingle too much during the rugby game :o)

How the HELL do you manage to fit so much in, on your weekends!!!? *yikes*


I was at the Best Western all weekend.
I was checking out this guy checking in at the Best Western on a Friday who arrived in a Black VW convertible with his top down. I was in the room right next to the office. It was friggin cold on Friday but if you are from Denver, this is probably not very cold for you.

That was me! I parked across from the office. Too bad... I would have love to say "hello". Or more.

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