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i wish You a Merry Christmas

I'll be in New York City next weekend doing some Christmas shopping, and being useful.

The only problem is, I've already forgotten something I was supposed to do for the trip. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...

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Re: Come into My Room

Thank you for the compliment, but I thought it was odd that my previous post only got 3 responses. It was that meme where you had to write down something good each day. It took a whole week to put together, and included some heavy thoughts and some kinky sex talk.

Three replies.

So, I've figured out guys like beefcake. No words, no long links to read. And so, I dare you. As a test, please post a pic of yourself looking as amazingly daddy-like as possible. Maybe shirtless. Maybe holding a leather crop. Post a little christmas saying like "santa wants YOU for a present." Then we will see how many hits you get.

I'm serious. Please try it! I wanna see the photo.

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