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Piñata for Two (and more)
 A simply wonderful weekend. i got to serve, and i had an amazing time. Now, when i put it that way, it sounds like the weekend was all about *me*. All about my desire to be a slave, as if i am desperate to serve anybody anywhere. And that's not true... even in my horniest loneliest weeks lately i don't throw myself at anybody who comes along. It wasn't the things i got to do that were as important as the man i got to do them for. So, a million thanks to one of the men reading this LiveJournal post: You rock my world, and when W/we're together, it's really great.
Dance Dance Revolution: the best off-Broadway play I've ever seen
Seeing the Guggenheim for the first time
Being surprisingly touched by Catherine Opie's GLBT photos 
Pretzel croissants and amazing French Toast at the City Bakery
A private tour of Nayland Blake's Behavior retrospective
Watching a DVD on my laptop while being wrapped up in a leather straightjacket
Delicious pork dishes in Chinatown with some hot leathermen
Shopping for comics at Forbidden Planet and books at the Strand
Barbeque at Blue Smoke, with amazing desserts
Wonderful fellowship with the New York Boys of Leather
Watching Boymeat singletailing in the back room of the historic Stonewall Inn
Seeing Lolita direct from the airport - what devotion and love for her friends!
Making someone horny
A burger and a toasted marshmallow shake at the Shake Shack
New York's best cookies from an Italian bakery
A bagel from a Jewish deli
Fellini's Amarcord at the Film Forum
A perfect New York Christmas night: looking at holiday windows, the tree at Rockefeller Center, and walking through times square
Being terrified in a gas mask and leather sleepsack
Sleeping next to someone

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It doesn't get any better than "Amacord" on the Big Screen.

Viva Fellini!

OMFG! That just sounds incredible.

I am jealous because I'm just stuck in "snowed in" status with a bitchy roommate.

It was great to chat with you at the Stonewall!

Merry Christmas, dude! Glad our city treated you right!

If you liked Forbidden planet now, you so should've seen the old store down a block on broadway-two floors and about 10,000 more items, but the new one is kinda cool too, and strand is great for finding out of print stuff. I grew up just a couple of blocks away from both stores :)

Oh man, I forgot the other really fun thing we did: shopping at "I Hate Perfume" (www.cbihateperfume.com/), this really fun store where they make scents that smell like locker rooms and leather and rubber.

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