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Merry Stuckmas

Sitting here at Chicago O'Hare. My plane got stuck here Christmas eve night.

But I didn't have to sleep on the floor... United "untidy" Airlines paid for a hotel room. But I still had to pay for my hotel room and rental car in Portland, Maine, since I didn't cancel 24 hours in advance. Merry fucking Christmas.

No, seriously, I'm doing fine. I love traveling with my ex. He's such an easy-going guy. An overnight delay and a really rude taxi driver would make most gay guys irate, but not him. Instead, he's like the master of zen travel. He's just happy to be with me this Christmas holiday, and when we get there... we get there.

Hope you are all safe and warm and where you are supposed to be this day. Happy holiday to everyone out there in LiveJournaland. My virtual internet friends have meant a lot to me in 2008. Blog you all next year!

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*hug* I hope that your day is better than last night. I'm glad I got to meet you, well, LJ meet anyway :-)

All you hafta do is dispute your charges for the hotel room in Maine and they will take them off your bill. Hotels would like you to think that their cancellation policies are binding, but they arent. Use the money you get back to buy more leather! Merry Christmas!

I will be traveling that way to go to some friends for an early dinner today, do you have to stay at the Hotel? If not, how about some tasty roast beast? :-)

Sorry you got delayed, man, but sounds like you guys made the best of a bad situation! Merry Christmas! Be safe!

i was going to head to Bellingham, WA for christmas but they have a few feet of snow. i decided to stay in california this year. besides, i exposed myself to the 11 degree weather two weekends ago up there. f that.

Urgh to the travel issues. Safe travels, and I'm hoping we can meet IRL someday Real Soon Now...

{{{Hugs}}}, sweetie!

If you are still around Dec. 26th, I'll be coming in around 8am for a 4-hour layover. You can show me all the cool places to hang out there.

Oh man ... I could use some lessons from your Ex ... I'm WAY too type A. I need some tough TOP to knock that outta me.

hang in there!!! ((hugs))

Hope you get there soon!
Woofy Holidays! *hugz*

There is lightning and thunder here in the Castro on Xmas morning at about 8:30. I thought Santa's sleigh had crashed into someone's roof.

Well I guess that it is much more now than an 18 hour trip. That is why I like to cruise. Cruising is not about the destination, it is about the journey.

Merrry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to you too Patrick! I am glad I got to meet you in LJ Land this year...like minds and all that!

Hope to get to know you more in 2009 :o)

*Warm Hugs*

Happy Virtual Xmas. May the coming year turn out to be the cumming year, with restraints and stinky fun and unimaginable torture abounding.

You can easily dispute both the car and the hotel charges, as the airline is to blame...

No sweat!

Happy Christmas!

Catching up here. Happy Holidays and the best for a great 2009!

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