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Last week, I asked the LiveJournal community to help me figure out what my 2009 new years resolutions should be. It was an interesting experiment, so I'm going to stick by the results. I'm not surprised that gay guys would like me to create sexually themed art... then I will post the results on LJ. For example, I drew these last year.

But I was surprised that people suggested I get a motorcycle license. Don't you know those things are dangerous? The traffic in California is crazy enough already. But maybe it will let me get initiated into the Rainbow Motorcycle Club, and you know I'm all about initiation ceremonies.

Here are my 2009 New Years Resolutions:
  1. Start painting gay nude bears doing leather sex
  2. Get a motorcycle license
  3. Meditate regularly
  4. Keep a journal
  5. Ride a horse
  6. Go to Iceland
  7. See a therapist about ADD
  8. Get ready to be a slave (emotionally, financially, physically, and more)
  9. Go whitewater rafting
  10. Go skydiving
  11. Throw a party to recruit people to play gay rugby
  12. Get a biweekly massage
  13. Start a charitable trust
  14. Find a Master
  15. Record a song on my computer

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When you go skydiving, deal direct with the skydive center. We went to Lodi (OK) and Hollister (better, nearer and the only place in CA you can go to 18,000').

Digging your drawings.
Motorcycles are cool, but yeah, the traffic thing is kinda scary.
Good boy.
Good boy.
I thought you already knew how to ride a horse?
I can't get you the address of the best pizza parlor in Reykjavík and perhaps a few suggestions for what top theater shows to attending.
Very good boy.
Scary but fun!
Soooo.... worth it! I'll give you the name of mine.
Cool! Any thoughts on what you'd like to do?
Would love to hear it!

Good luck with all of them. *hug* Happy new year!

I'm not sure resolutions to improve one's self "chosen by a committee" is a good idea, but they nonetheless all sound good and noble.

For #1: start with a self-portrait.

I'm sorry the hunting lodge didn't make the cut.

Yes Sir! But that was a hard resolution, because it depended on getting a group of interested kinky men:

4 to 8 leathermen alone in a cabin in the woods somewhere. The days are filled with hiking and hunting, though guns aren't required... a camera would do just fine. Nights would be spent with cigars, poker, and hot groups sex. Good food and good friends. No showers, and no rules. Red union suits mandatory.

We have a cabin at a gay campground where you can do all of that. the only drawback is people stopping by. anyway... come visit us in 2009!

...you left out the part where we split open the warm animal carcass and you climb in.

I like how you surrounded "no rules" with 2 of them!

Here's hoping that 2009 finds that you've become a Happy Nude Queer.

The colonic didn't make the cut, but i bet that i do that one anyway, Sir!

I high recommend the skydiving mate! For me it was a major highlight in my year.

if at first you don't succeed, avoid skydiving.

I chose not to do resolutions but rather, goals for the coming year. I had goals for this past year, some were achieved, some were not but it was the journey that's important.

(Deleted comment)
I try to get my new years resolutions donw within the year, but I haven't done so well in year past. Check out:


You forgot "masturbate gagged while I piss on you and call you denigrating names"

Happy Early New Years :)

"The traffic in California is crazy enough already"

This is the only thing that's kept me from getting a motorcycle. If I lived anywhere else, I'd have one by now. Had I taken the job I was offered out in sparsely populated El Centro, that was going to be my first purchase, but on San Diego freeways? Nah.

Somehow, even though I would love to see it happen, a part of me says it's too much of a waste to see you become a slave...

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