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Open the brown cardboard box, Hal...

It's interesting to look at my Amazon recommendations to see what kind of person I am. I know it's based off of things I've purchased and my wish list, but still sometimes it's eerie to see how acccurate it is. Here are the top topics Amazon things I would be interested in:

Techno music
Transaction analysis
Alternative music
Graphic novels and comic books
Science fiction
Modern art
Punk music
British sitcoms on DVD
Gay-themed books and movies
UNIX books
Pop-up books
Cartoons and anime
BDSM and leather sex
80's synth pop
Computer games
Men working (Dirty Jobs, Ice Road Truckers, Axe Men, Modern Marvels, et. al.)

Maybe I should just list all of these on any dating site that asks what I'm into.

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My boyfriend was once part of a conversation in which the discussion turned to musicals. When he said it wasn't a subject of much interest for him, one of the other guys said "What kind of gay man are you?"

He replied, deadpan: "I'm the ass-fucking kind."

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