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Feeling (Black And) Blue
Black eye
We lost our rugby match Saturday 60 to 5.

Sometimes I don't know why I play the game: I missed tackles, fumbled the ball, and sucked at the breakdowns. I guess it's a good thing I like the game so much! It's fun to play... I just wish I was better at it.

Man, I think I did something to my shoulder on the last tackle. With 3:00 left in the game, I played without my right arm. I'm not sure if I'm ok to play our next game Saturday.

Thanks to all the bears who showed up. It really meant a lot to me to see some furry faces there. Next time we'll have a better score on the board for ya!

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your body saying reality check?

my oldest sister when she was 40 was taking karate lessons. she really screwed up her knee from some roundhouse kicks done incorrectly. She went to her doctor and explained what she did to her knee. Her doctor looked at her and suggested that maybe at 40 she was getting on in age to be practing round house kicks.
Now Barbara is 60 years old very healthy and fit, she enjoys teaching yoga.

my point is less on your quality at playing rugby, more on concern you getting injuryed. Is there a sport you like where you would be safer?

In high school my wrestling coach told me men can wrestle well into their senior years because of no impact injuries. It would keep you in shape, there is less injuries and think of the body contact!

Barbara went from karate to yoga. Maybe you should think of rugby to wrestling or any sport you like with less wear and tear? Just a suggestion, men are capable of looking in the mirror and seeing themselves as 17 and 30 lbs. thinner. Maybe this is your body shouting reality check.
best regards,

Yes, at 37 I'm an old old man. Or at least I feel like it today!

I played without my right arm

Co-incidentally enough, Prez Bushie has been playing without his left arm for years...

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