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Covering Up Purple Walls
I bought some new art. Actually, it came free in a magazine that I read. The November/December issue of The Believer had this ten-page spread. I pressed it and mounted it to foamcore. So, for the $10 price of a back issue, you could have a large depressing charcoal pencil sketch on your wall, too.

The artist, Robyn O'Neil,is absolutely amazing. The size of these sketches is immense. And she's not afraid to "go dark", both in subject and in the amount of graphite on the paper. She was in the Whitney Biennial in 2004, and was even on the Howard Stern show.

Here is more of her art:


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I think the drawing is titled "These final hours embrace at last; this is our ending, this is our past"

That's really beautiful, if a little darkly themed. I wonder what the line is tied to?

For another magazine that carries a lot of art, check out Esopus magazine next time you're at one of these fine bookstores:


Each issue comes with a full CD of quirky music, too.

For some reason, i find the picture kind of uplifting and happy.

That makes me want to renew my subscription to Cabinet.

robyn o'neil is RAD. i love how ominous her stuff is.

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