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Rugby at Night

My rugby team the San Francisco Fog practises on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay. It's an artificial island, constructed in 1936 to be used by the Navy. The island was named after the story by Robert Louis Stevenson, who lived in San Francisco for a while.

It's an absolutely beautiful place to play rugby. The pitches are very nice, and I am treated to stunning view of the city every time I drive to and from practice. There are always limousines parked near the bay bridge filled with newlyweds and drunk partiers there to see the view. We are there Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 to 9:30 or so, so in the winter it's dark before we even start practicing. The artificial lights create a really spooky moody atmosphere, though the shadows they cast are really annoying when the ball is hard to see and hits you in the face from a bad pass.

Practicing with the San Francisco Fog on Treasure Island is one of my favorite things about moving to the bay area last fall.


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Hey, if you ever catch sight of the guys from the cable show "Prototype This!" (their base of operations is also on Treasure Island), be sure to say hi!

They're kind of a hot bunch, if you like hot bearish science-geek guys.

bearish science-geek guys

What's NOT to like?

Isn't one of the Mythbuster guys gay? Does he live in the bay area? Would he want to date me?

I'll take either one. I'm not picky.

Cause ya a whore Blanche, a whore!

My understanding is that both Jamie and Adam are married to women. Whether that precludes man-on-man sweaty grunties is another discussion entirely. ;)

Also filmed on Treasure Island were "Battlebots", " Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", and "The Matrix"!

Well, okay, it's mostly Terry, the movie special-effects guy.


I wanna see more of the guy in the white shirt.

Actually, Treasure Island was constructed to be part of the Golden Gate International Exposition. I didn't become part of the Navy until WWII


Driving around the whole island is cool, looking at the homes and all. I was going to apply for an apt management job out there, but even though a nice setting, I felt one is pretty much isolated from easy grocery shopping and other conveniences. And if one is without a car, a bit of a challenge. Felt that living in SSF is still a much more convenient choice.

Yeah, I guess last year's "Erotic Exotic Ball" was out there, and the straight couples had a hard time getting out there. Not enough buses were reserved, and people waiting shivering the cold for hours in stilettos, fishnet stockings, and rubber corsets.

LOL. That would of been a good photo op. Glad it wasn't me stuck out there.

After practice do you go somewhere to practice drinking beer?

Of course Sir! The "Pilser" near the Castro. Alcohol soothes all sorts of black eyes and bruises. But we're getting too good at the drinking part and need more practice at the playing rugby part.

I loved that bar, largely because of their clever and graceful logo, executed in neon, in the front window. And that they properly served in Pilsner glasses as well. And because it was in my neighborhoods when I lived at both 18th & Guerrero and 15th & Beaver.

Sweaty. Black-eyed and bruised blokes and beer. Hot.

I'm thinking that AFTER the game, in the showers, is also kind of interesting too...

But that's my sordid mind talking there! :-)

Sorry, there are no showers. We don't have locker rooms either, so the guys have to strip down to their underwear (or less) right there next to the practice field. Afterwards, a few guys put back on thier work clothes without showering, but most show up at the bar in their muddly jersies and shorts. i've heard the process refered to as "drink and stink"!

Now that somehow appeals to my sordid mind a bit more...
If only it was construction workers too...drink and stink indeed.

I am SOOO going to that bar after a practice night! :-)

I so wish I lived closer to SF...I so want to play. ROLL FOG ROLL!

It is nearly impossible to get a shot of the Bay Bridge without using "Dutch Angles" is it? Breath taking view of the City. From the sparkling diamond necklace of Sausolito. Alcatraz. The Golden Gate Bridge. Coit Tower. TransAmerica and Embarcadero. All the way to the dewy spider silk of the Bay Bridge. It is the classic night photo of San Francisco.

ah. hawt guys on the pitch too.

I always thought the GG Bridge to be too sparsely lit at night

I understand there have been plans to light the cables (like the Bay Bridge) pretty much since it was built.

Would be nice if they did. The floods on the towers are awesome. In the true sense of awesome.

...The artificial lights create a really spooky moody atmosphere...

Sounds like a cool location to shoot bondage video, if it weren't for the newlyweds and drunk partyers :)

Next time you're out here, let me know. Gary and I live here. Stop by for a beer and see Boomer again! WOOF!

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