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Prime Cuts

Do you think the recent tainted dog food scare would also affect people?

Man, this is going to be an embarrassing conversation with my doctor…

(P.S. Just kidding…”Alpo” wasn’t on the recall list)

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*can't get over how much that looks like poo*

*can't decide which is worse*

That sounds like a good topic for a poll!

Which is a better photo? Poo or Alpo?

I'm not leaning towards the dog food at the moment.

And ... how'd it taste?

Enquiring minds like mine wanna know!


Best post all day!

I love It!
after seeing all the guys taking pics of there resterant meals!
this is too cool!

We gotta invite you over for dinner. It won't cost us very much to feed you.


most excellent.
(and how nice that you're hand-fed!)

Ugh. Way harder to look at than a scat scene. Remember, lj-cut is your our friend.

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