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Black eye

First rugby game of the year last Saturday, and I now have an oblique fracture of my third metacarpal bone. An opposing rugby player stepped on my hand with his cleats. I'm out for at least 6 weeks and most of the season.

Worse, I only played 10 minutes before the injury, and we lost the game 24-10.

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Hopefully it's not your right hand, otherwise there goes your social life!

No, i stopped jacking off months ago. i also stopped lying.

Too bad you ruined the second statement with the first one. ;)

Yeah, and I stopped drinking months ago!

And I hear you stopped sucking dick.

I would be more than happy to prove that rumor wrong!

If it was intentional or reasonably avoidable - I hope he got his ass kicked out of the game, at least.

No... it was just rugby. Stuff happens.

Riding a motorcycle seems much safer. ;)

This reference may prove useful, depending on how much time the medical staff were able to discuss the situation with you. I guess you still have to have a doctor review the x-rays and see how much you scream when they twist and pull your middle finger.


Thank You Sir. i assure You, i was not punching people in order to get a "boxer's fracture"!

Damn! boy. anyone ever told you to keep your hand out from under people's cleats?!?! Boy when you break something, you REALLY break something. At least its not displaced. Will you please take better care of yourself?! I may not be close but I do still think of you.
Be well cub.


Well that sucks, but kinda knew it yesterday.
So I guess this means, no excuse to be in the city those extra 2 nights a week.

Did You delete the post of me taken at Twin Peaks? i can't see it..

Yeah, I wanted to resize the pic and then being oh so pretty instead of smart, I forgot to go back and repost it.

That gives you some off time to join us for dinner or lunch.

I guess restraints really were out of the question last night!!! Damn it.

When you moved your fingers, it was clear that something was broke tho.

Poor thing.

Insult to injury. That sucks arse. Get well soon boy *Snug*

"It's an old fis .... erm, football injury." ;o{)

Oh, i've got a fisting injury as well... courtesy of a guy in Denver who went way too fast and left me with a bloody tear and a permanent "skin tag".

Damn man, you're a wreck! ;o[) Hope your hand gets better fast. Did you bite the fister's arm off btw?

I feel for you. One fall season I separated my shoulder on the opening kick off (while the ball was still in the air if you can believe it) and was out for 6 weeks. The next fall season, about 10 minutes into the match and shattered my ankle. Ended my rugby career, and even now, over 3 years later) I can't run more than a few feet at a time.

(Deleted comment)
because somebody will have you tied down and be beating you? you know, some guys really get off on casts, maybe you'll find one.

OW! Sorry to hear that happened.

And I'll bet that hurts, too. Is that your left hand or your cock hand? :o)~

On the plus side, if you only played for ten minutes, the team can't blame you for losing, can they? Unless you're the champ who carries the team, I guess I hadn't thought of that. Well, get well soon anyway.

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