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Sister's Bingo!
O69... my favorite number

Does anybody want to go to the next bingo sponsored by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence? It's next Wednesday, January 21 and the theme is a pajama party. Too bad I sleep in the nude!

I'm definitely going. Currently I'm a "bingo virgin" and I want to correct that problem. You can buy your ticket at http://sistersbingo.com/... but hurry up because they usually sell out.

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Oh, Patrick... I honestly can't imagine you a virgin at much of.. well.. anything! *eg* Sounds like fun.. but a bit of a drive from here!

Sleep Naked? Me too. Hum. Well one can always wear cool boxers :)

Maybe some carefully-arranged bingo cards?

Well maybe not *too* carefully arranged. A little peek-a-boo is always a good tease.

(sorry about the hand - Bummer :(

leave the peek-a-boo to the sisters :P
and the peek-a-Poo to mudcub :)

the Sisters have also been known to publicly humiliate and spank known virgins - which is probably why you decided to go......

(Deleted comment)
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