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Dear Dr
Black eye

Hello Kaiser Permanente,


I've got an appointment next week with my new doctor. Thank you for that. I'm sure he will be great. But I noticed that he graduated from Temple University, and listed "teaching in our church" as a hobby.


So, I need to ask: does my doctor mind treating gay people?


I shouldn't have to ask this question. In a perfect world, my doctor would be ethical and give me medical attention without regard to my sexual orientation. But thanks to new rules implemented by the Bush administration, medical professionals can refuse to give treatment based on their personal religious beliefs. So, I ask again... by any chance does my new doctor hate gay people like me?


Also, I expect he has a number of nurses and EMTs that will assist him. Please provide me with a list of all possible staff at that facility who might treat me, as well as their chosen religions and beliefs. In Bush's new world, even pharmacists can refuse to fill prescriptions for contraception, morning-after pills, and AIDS medications. I wouldn't want to find out about that when it's too late.


Since your company agrees with allowing your employees to refuse care based on their own whims and superstitions, lease send me a complete list of all Kaiser Permanente employees, their addresses, and if they are small-minded christian bigots. Thank you very much in advance.


Sincerely. No, seriously... very, very sincerely,


Patrick Kellogg



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Isn't that shit crazy? I remember hearing a story about an hiv+ man who lived in California who was visiting Texas and needed to fill his prescription. He went to CVS because they had all his records and the pharmacist down here would not serve him! Fuckin crazy people. I thought people got in to health care because they were compassionate and wanted to HELP people. Of course, your Dr may be like the Dr that owns my massage school. HE is ALL about Jesus, but he doesn't push it on anyone. I think his strategy is just to treat everyone well and that they will come around to Jesus on their own. That would be the strategy I would much prefer. The world is full of nutty people.

Yes, but I'm serious with the letter... how are you gonna find out if you can get treatment in advance, unless you write a letter like this.

(Deleted comment)
No, Sir, I didn't send this letter in reality. But maybe I should!

(Deleted comment)
Something to think about and that is do they have a list available? If so, then it might be wise to look at that list and see who's gay friendly or not. Group Health here in Washington does this and so did my old insurance at my previous employer. Don't know about the current one for I'm now on Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

First order of the day is to get my eyes examined and get new glasses - ASAP.

No, of course they don't a list like that available. In fact, employers are prohibited from asking questions about religion from *any* employee, current or potential.

I wonder if I can refuse to do anything at my job - making copies, filling out weekly status reports - and just tell my boss that it's against my religion. No questions asked.

For what it's worth, despite it's name, Temple University is not a religiously-affiliated school. Here's the wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_University. Although it's a very good school and its hospital is a Philadelphia institution, it's not all that well known outside of the Philly area or academic circles, so it would be easy to guess from the name that's some kind of fundy-Christian college.

Also, in the Bay area, there are tons of very liberal churches and your new doc could be teaching in one of those churches. That said, a statement like that would still put me a little on edge until I met him, so I don't blame you for being a little nervous.

I hope it all goes well! Keep us updated.

Oh! Didn't research Temple. My mistake.

I have a buddy who is a Kaiser enrollee here in Denver. He had a problem with a new primary care physician that was assigned to him. Sensing this guy had an issue, he just asked the doctor if he had a problem treating a gay man. His reply was, "Kaiser says I'm not supposed to, but yes, I do have a personal problem with it." The doc then gave him the name of another primary care doc that "usually takes care of all of them." It's your right to choose any PCP available to you. Just ask - you pay the premium to these folks. You shouldn't have to put up with a biggot.

No... Kaiser shouldn't put up with bigots. That doctor you mention should be fired. You can't say "well, my boss won't let me say this... but I really hate Asians." The preamble is not an excuse.

Edited at 2009-01-17 04:36 pm (UTC)

For pharmacists, the right of refusal has been around long before Bush had his filthy hand in the cookie jar. I'd have to go back to my textbooks and research state statutes to see if there were terms governing what I could and couldn't refuse to fill. I don't remember, but I think it was sort of vague. I do remember some discussion about it in class (1996-2000) because we had some religious fundies. It's embarrassing that these religious fucktards are warping it for a purpose it wasn't really intended. Obviously, I don't condone pharmacists refusing prescriptions for moral reasons, but I also don't believe right of refusal, for any reason, should be taken away.
Seriously, do you want some closet case homophobe treating you anyway? If you legally force someone to treat you, what kind of care are you going to receive then?
I'd rather he/she was able to be honest. If it turns out he does have objections, I would think an organization as large as KP would have a list or liason or someone to address those concerns and help you find a different doctor.

"I wonder if I can refuse to do anything at my job - making copies, filling out weekly status reports - and just tell my boss that it's against my religion. No questions asked"

I'm sure there are plenty of things you do at your job that you could refuse for moral or religious grounds without being reprimanded. If I refused to do clerical work, as that you mention above, then I would be reprimanded too. Filling a prescription is hardly comparable, no matter what you may assume you know about it, from watching across a retail counter.

"Seriously, do you want some closet case homophobe treating you anyway? If you legally force someone to treat you, what kind of care are you going to receive then? "

I want them fired, so they can't treat anyone.

The right of refusal is criminal. I couldn't be a firefighter who refuses to put out fires in black houses. You're wrong... you CAN'T be reprimanded for refusing to help gay people based on stupid bigoted beliefs. And that's wrong.

I don't think Temple University (the one in Philadelphia) is religiously affiliated, and there are some liberal Christian denominations (though they are in the minority). You can try googling him to see if he's made any political donations in the past year. That's a good way to find out where someone's coming from.

I shouldn't have to work hard to find a physician who will treat me. If my new doctor was a Satanist, I couldn't care less. You're missing the entire point... in this new world, medical professional can choose any moment at a whim to play a trump card.

If you call Kaiser, and tell them you're looking for a doctor who's comfortable working with a gay male patient, they'll be happy to assist. Really. That's how Randy found his current Kaiser doctor, in the Fremont facility.

ALL Kaiser doctors should be comfortable with ALL gay male patients. Nothing more and nothing less, Sir.

My Kaiser (SSF) Dr is straight, and very very, gay supportive (in fact he is the best Dr I have had in yrs in comparison to the gay Dr I had before) (he is also intrigued with my nipple piercings). I did ask for a gay friendly Dr initially, and they couldn't exactly steer me to one directly, but chose him.
I have several friends who go to gay Drs, in SSF, Santa Clara, and of course SF. And I believe they requested for a gay DR initially and got one :). If you need some names, let me know, and I can ask my friends who they use :)

Nope. I don't want a gay doctor. I don't even need a gay ally. I need a competent doctor who will treat me to the best of his (or her) abilities. My post is not about that... you've missed the point. I'm making a comment that for some reason, gay people and women have to "pre-screen" for hateful bigots without being given tool by the HMO. I'm asking for a list of idiots... it's a bittersweet Swiftian post.

Shame you don't have HealthNet and live in the city.
I LOVE my Jewish lesbian doctor. About 85% of her patients are gay and if you're not comfy with a female doctor, her office mate is a gay man.
Of course I'm one of her "problem patients" with all my medical issues :)

That's pretty much the shift the medical community was able to make over the past few years.

Shocking. I have never ever heard of such a ruling till you mention it. It disgusts me to no end that that Wanker allows the medical profession to be swayed by the tyranny of religion. How anyone can officially refuse medical treatment on the grounds of PERSONAL choice is beyond me.

Way to go Bush o_O

Hope you find a doctor who is sympathetic to your needs cub.

I wouldn't let the fact that he went to Temple University, worry you. I went to Temple, and it has no religious aspect to is anymore. Fairly liberal place.

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