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Dear Dr
Black eye

Hello Kaiser Permanente,


I've got an appointment next week with my new doctor. Thank you for that. I'm sure he will be great. But I noticed that he graduated from Temple University, and listed "teaching in our church" as a hobby.


So, I need to ask: does my doctor mind treating gay people?


I shouldn't have to ask this question. In a perfect world, my doctor would be ethical and give me medical attention without regard to my sexual orientation. But thanks to new rules implemented by the Bush administration, medical professionals can refuse to give treatment based on their personal religious beliefs. So, I ask again... by any chance does my new doctor hate gay people like me?


Also, I expect he has a number of nurses and EMTs that will assist him. Please provide me with a list of all possible staff at that facility who might treat me, as well as their chosen religions and beliefs. In Bush's new world, even pharmacists can refuse to fill prescriptions for contraception, morning-after pills, and AIDS medications. I wouldn't want to find out about that when it's too late.


Since your company agrees with allowing your employees to refuse care based on their own whims and superstitions, lease send me a complete list of all Kaiser Permanente employees, their addresses, and if they are small-minded christian bigots. Thank you very much in advance.


Sincerely. No, seriously... very, very sincerely,


Patrick Kellogg



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If you call Kaiser, and tell them you're looking for a doctor who's comfortable working with a gay male patient, they'll be happy to assist. Really. That's how Randy found his current Kaiser doctor, in the Fremont facility.

ALL Kaiser doctors should be comfortable with ALL gay male patients. Nothing more and nothing less, Sir.

I agree, but this is about making things easier for you; call the Kaiser customer service line, and ask for a referral to a primary care physician in your nearest Kaiser facility (probably Santa Clara) that is comfortable working with gay male patients. Change the world another time; take care of yourself first.

And yes, that's an order.

Well, Sir, i have to apologize. Here is the backstory: the post is old. i wrote it last week. i saw the doctor, and he seems great. He didn't have a problem discussing gay issues. Gave me a full std screen (everything negative btw!) and he was ok about making me turn my head and cough.

You know my post is more a complaint about the hoops we gay people still need to jump through. It's ok to have to ask for a Spanish-speaking doctor. It's not ok to have to ask for one who is "Hispanic-friendly". They all should be.

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