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Just 72 Hours

I had an incredible time at last weekend's Mid-Atlantic Leather weekend. I had a better time than I've ever had at a leather event; even compared to IML or Inferno, and those were pretty amazing, life-changing trips for me. I wish every weekend of my life could be like last weekend. Hope you had a good time as well!

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See what a little soap can do?

Maybe i need soap in my mouth! {grin}

Edited at 2009-01-20 06:31 pm (UTC)

I'll bring the Lime-Verbena to Smokeout.

Ironically, my boyfriend doxwolf was over in Baltimore this past weekend... although he did not manage to attend the event.

Can't wait to hear how the Slave in a Cast thing went!

Yay you!


I tried to bootblack with only one hand (result = fail... I got more polish on my cast than the boot) and fetch drinks (also = fail... dropped a full bottle on the floor next to badfaggot.) But overall I was competant, and had a great time!

want me to pick up the power cord for you while i'm running around today? then you can have it waiting for you tomorrow.
if yes, how old is your mb? don't want to get the wrong cord...

No... thanks Sir. i have some thinkin to do first.

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