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(no subject)
Man, I was a dirty dirty piggy this weekend.

Photo 16

Photo 30

Photo 51

Photo 52

Photo 43

Photo 45

Photo 58

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Hmm,Did you have the cast when I met you Friday or was it rough weekend too?

Yup! Bin laid up for some weeks now.

You smearing cigar ash on your shirt yum. I'd get real dirty with you anytime! Just let me know when to bring the motor grease.

Love your PJs btw :o)

They have little skulls on 'em

That's why they're cool.

Though I'd much rather cover you in motor grease, stale beer, mud and other substances produced naturally by the human body...

You make for an adorable piggy though, dirty or not

And here I was tryin' to look ruff n tuff

Why are the photos flipped left to right? Unless of course, that cap you're wearing really does have mirror-image text on it...?

But wait - they have to be flipped - I remember that it's your left hand that was injured, and these photos make it seem as if it's your right hand.

And the fact that's what jumped out at me first should tell you what an incredible geek I am.

Dunno. Photo booth on the Mac exported to iPhoto exported to a directory uploaded to flickr. I don't understand Macs. I thought the were supposed to be easy. Why do I need to do four steps in order to stick cropped photos on the internet?

And once I got past the geekiness, I had lewd thoughts. ;)

It would be interesting to see what that 'stache would feel like in one of my ripe, musky armpits... and I bet the cigar ash would stick in your stubble better after it had been wet down with biker piss. ;)

And I just want to be put in a collar and be locked in a cage for a long time!

Hold on...I'm gettin' to that. :-)

God.. you ARE one hecka Sexy Man.. And those DREAMER eyes.. WOW!! Nice Hotness Post! :) MMMMMM

Mmmmm... mudcub cigar pix. That made the beginning of my week and salved my crappy weekend :-).

Have you ever tried Perdomo Habano Gordo or Gran Torpedo Maduros--they're my favorites. Very effortless draw.

Dirty is good and fuckin hot.

I'll be right over. Keep the pyjamas on.

Note: they have a flap in the back

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