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I walked from the Lone Star all the way to the summit of Twin Peaks and back yesterday. That was about a 7 mile round-trip, not counting a 3 mile jog at the Castro 24 Hour Fitness.

I am very tired and foot-sore this morning! I want to lose weight and get really muscular so I look like a hot leatherman and be worthy of being owned as a slave someday.

I would have lost weight if it wasn't for two doughnuts during my walk, the two (2!) trips to Starbears, the "Butch Bar" at Hot Cookie, my huge feast at India Garden, and all the beer and alcohol consumed during my endless round trips to the Eagle, Lone Star, Hole In The Wall, Powerhouse, Chaps II, and back again.

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so I look like a hot leatherman
You all ready do!

f it wasn't for two doughnuts during my walk

The first giggle of my birthday. Thank you!

Happy Birthday!! Damn, another fellow Aquarian!

Wow, you get your exercise but you eat through it too!

Mmmm... Foood... Now I'm hungry and it's barely 10AM. :-)


I'm checking the Acme catalog to see if they have a Home Jaw Wiring Kit.

And hoping they have a discount if you buy two of 'em.

Boy when are you going to realize that you are a hot leather bear?!
You need to learn to love yourself. Dont go for weight loss, go for health, the weight loss and tonning will come in time.
and doing a 7 minle hike is great but you need to fule the tank. So dont beat your self up for eating. You need to eat to fule the motor to lose the weight. Just eat the healthy things. and not too much of them.

hang in there boy.

Yeah, drinking and weight loss just don't happen. It's liquid bread.

Mmm... delicious, delicious liquid bread

Buns of Steel! The San Francisco way;

I have a different set of San Francisco exercises for my butt...

I want to lose weight and get really muscular

If that's your goal, then I hope you achieve it. Good luck!

But - and granted, this is just my opinion - I don't think losing weight or being muscular has anything to do with looking like a hot leatherman. One of the things I really appreciate about leather is that skill, experience and heart contribute more to how you are perceived and desired, than the shape of your body.

Following that, I also don't think being muscular makes you more or less worthy to be owned, unless you're moulding your body to a particular man's specifications. What if you end up with a Master who prefers chubby slaves?

Then I'd eat, eat, eat like the wind!

Edited at 2009-02-09 09:44 pm (UTC)

Uh, that's Ride like the wind ;)

I once walked that far late at night when I was in SF because I didn't have a sense of how far things were apart. It took about 4 hours. Still it was neat to see all the stuff I did.
The next night I figured out the night buses.

Walking is such a cool way to see a city. It forces me to slow down and notice details. I had forgotten how much I love the "Flax" art store. I discovered a bunch on new places, like a travel bookstore and a bunch of art boutiques. When I'm in a car, I watch the road... even as a passenger. I think I don't know a city - be it Paris, Tokyo, or Des Moines, until I've walked it all over.

Always glad to hear when people are exercising trying to improve their health. But it is disappointing to read that you believe you have to be muscular to be a hot leatherman.

Yes Sir! Let's just say that i'm not where i want to be right now. A little less weight and a little more muscle would do wonders for my self-confidence!

If you’re looking for a real workout, there’s always Montara Mountain—sea level to nearly 1800 feet in four miles. Better yet: to the top of Mission Peak and back before the next Bear Pizza Night!

In the City, that a trek!

"Hot" is an attitude, not a shape or weight. The best reason to get fit is so that you have a LONG LIFE doing foul pervy things.

Indulgence and Penance

To go all the way to the top of twin peaks is a good start! You can always repeat the experience, with more effort and less food :)

I really hope you don't think a great body DOES equal worthiness....

Coz every picture I'VE seen of you, I think you're totally delicious! Woof!

No, but a worthy body DOES equal greatness!

It was great meeting you at the Lone Star on Saturday. Thanks for dinner.

I wish you'd told me about your walk. I would've gone with you! I love walking around "The City" <ducking>

Don't forget Schnitzel Haus !:)

my favorite place for doughnuts in sf is near the host hotel for imsl. win.

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