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State of the Mudcub

I'm worried that by trying to titillate Livejournal readers, I'm giving a skewed perspective of my life. So, I wanted to blog about other things going on in my life, just to show that I do other things, too.

I bought an Apple MacBook Pro last year, and I like it. I just bought the Mac version of office for $20 through work, and the complete version of Sims 2. I don't know of what other software to buy for it... any Mac games anyone can recommend? Otherwise, I'd love to start recording music on it through Garage Band or Logic Studio or something. I've ripped 20 Gig of music, and I love to bring the laptop outside to steal WiFi at coffee shops and even in public parks here in California. However, I haven't backed it up yet. So, I bought 1 TeraByte hard drive from the Mac Store, and I'm going to try and get the Time Machine program to work. I think I'm going to carve off 100 Gig into a separate partition, and format it as FAT32 in order to transfer some of my iTunes goodies onto my main desktop computer. Wish me luck.

I've had a terrible time trying to play World of Warcraft with only one hand. I can *barely* hit the W key with one finger sticking out of my hand cast, but forget about A/S/D or any hotkey combinations. It's really made me feel for people with disabilities trying to use computers. You should have seen me trying to play Rock Band last weekend with only one hand! I finally got a WoW character to level 71, though it's been tough slogging. But I *love* to level, and I'm having a great time doing qwests, seeing new worlds, and fishing and mining and blacksmithing and cooking. I didn't like the "endgame" at level 70 with Burning Crusade. I didn't see the point of PvP, and I never seemed to fit in or have the right equipment to raid with the Big Boys. I'm enjoying leveling at my own pace - confident that whenever I find a half hour to sit down with WoW, there is something new to entrance me, even if it's only pretending to fish with a computer avatar.

A friend of mine is helping me get done some of my new year's resolutions. I wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle, shoot a gun, and scuba dive. Maybe be and I will go on a scuba trip off Florida this fall. I was meditating for 15 minutes every day for a while, but gave it up recently. I'll to to re-work it for the practice to fit back into my life. No luck on other goals, though I've booked plane tickets to Coachella and I've been jogging every day and eating more salads. I wish I'd find a creative outlet like painting or making music, but I haven't done that yet.

I think I found a good mudhole in a park near work. I'm trying to work up the courage to go visit it sometime after work. Put on some boots, old jeans, and remember cover the car seats with plastic first. It's a little scary to play in the mud in a public space, particularly after dark.

StarCraft II comes out soon, and I had never played the first one. So, I bought a copy on ebay. I used to be *huge* on ebay a few years ago, spending a few hundred dollars each month on uniforms and miscellaneous crap. I got back in the habit of ebay this week by buying some old-school videogames for the PC. I bought Fable, Diablo (1 and 2!), Dungeon Siege, Oblivion, and Fallout (1 and 2). A bunch of these were released last year to good reviews. Since then, the price has come down from $50 to $60, and I had a great time getting them all for $10 or so each (plus shipping).

I've been jogging every day for 30 minutes. I love to run, and it really helps me lose weight in a way that rugby and weightlifting put on the pounds. I usually jog on a treadmill at 24 Hour Fitness, though sometimes I'll strap on my all-terrain shoes and lope around a local park. But with the rainy cold weather lately, I've enjoyed staying indoors, putting on my iPod Nano, and watching CNN on the overhead television monitiors at the gym.

Work is top secret, so I can't tell you about it or I'd have to kill you by boring you to death. But I've been trying to implement LDAP cross-platform on both Solaris, Linux, SUSE, IRIX, and AIX boxes. Hopefully, it will tie in with identity management from Active Server directories on Windows boxes, too. Does anybody do this? Any tips? It's a brave new world for me, and I'm losing the thread of what I'm trying to accomplish. Single sign-on logins? Universally federated user management? Hardened top-secret security? My boss isn't giving me very much direction, and all my ideas aren't working.

I've always hated people who say, "I don't *OWN* a television set... I don't watch tv." But now I'm one of those people. Don't get me wrong - I love TV. I think some of the best shows ever made are on right now, The Daily Show, How I Met Your Mother, The Big bang Theory, Arrested Development, South Park, Simpsons, Dirty Jobs, not to mention dozens of great brit-coms from Coupling to Spaced. It's just that the only television in the house is owned by my landlord, and he's got one of those Tivo things hooked up to it. Every time I try to sit down and watch something, the channel will automatically change to "Top Gear" or one of the myriad home improvement shows on HGTV. It's not too bad, I've been spending so much time playing on the computer and socializing with friends that I haven't had time to watch anthing.

Except movies. I'm still a member of Netflix, and I get eight (8!) movies at a time. Currently at my house are: Pineapple Express, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Transformers (bBecuase I fell asleep watching this movie and missed the ending), Persepolis, Bob Le Flambeur, Man on Wire, Ghost Town, and  Son of Rambow. Next up in the queue are Let the Right One In, Choke, Man with the Movie Camera, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and RocknRolla. Man, I love movies. I see just about everything that comes out.

Currently reading "Eldest" by Christopher Paolini, because it was a Christmas present. I'm not really enjoying it. But I liked the other two books I just finished, "Armor" by John Steakley and "Dogsbody" by Diana Wynne Jones. I'm also reading "The Marketplace" by Laura Antoniou, but it's tough for me to read, because I think too much about it. I should start one of the books waiting for me beside my beside like Richard Morgan "Altered Carbon", Thomas Hobbes "Leviathan", Charles Stross "Glasshouse", Scott Sigler "Infected", Cormac Mccarthy "The Road", Jim Norton "I Hate Your Guts", Vernor Vinge "Rainbow's End", Nick Hornby "Slam", Mark Haddon "A Spot of Bother", or Cory Doctorow "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom". Then again, I promised myself I'd read Nabokov's "Lolita" and Cervantes "Don Quixote" sometime this year.

Having a cast on my hand isn't as bad as I worried it would be. I can still type, and the ADD part of my mind forgets that it is there most of the time. However, it's gotten in the way of things I wanted to go. It cut short my rugby season, though I'm hoping I can play the last few games next month. I'm missing out on rodeo, and it will be painful to go to the Ft. Worth rodeo at the end of the month and be unable to compete. I really want to get back on the bulls and steers and try to ride to a buckle. That's a big dream of mine. But I also have a fear that the cast will come off, and I'll start doing sports again, and I'll break something else. I don't want to spend 2009 going from illness to illness. Coming back from a sports injury is tough, mentally and physically, and right now I'm still a little raw.

But overall emotionally I'm doing great! I haven't been depressed for over four months, not since I moved to San Jose. I'm not suicidal at all... that seems to have been an artifact of my unhappy previous relationship. The only thing that makes me blue is that I'm single. But that could change if I get serious and change my life to accept someone else in it. And that might happen this year, I hope.

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Add me on myspace? Same username as here, asweetbri! :D we can Mob, Mafia, and Vampire up!

Hi! I couldn't find you on facebook. Or you on that site? Oy just myspace? I'm Patrick Kellogg kellogg@dim.com if you're around on facebook.

Hi! I'm playing Vampire Wars on facebook.com, not myspace. I don't think I have a myspace account. I looked for you on facebook, but didn't see you there. I am Patrick Kellogg or kellogg@dim.com if you want to add me there!

A new season of Ax Men starts in a couple of weeks. But that's what DVD season sets are for, right? And pretty soon everything's going to be on Hulu, on demand, and/or torrents.

But I can record & burn it for ya if you ask nice.

Oh, thank You, but no need! i have the first season of Ax Men, and i'm sure i'll buy the second. It really makes me rethink my career choices.

What i am really missing is the last season of "The L Word". i hear someone finally killed the annoying Jenny character, and i'd love to see that.

Edited at 2009-02-17 11:26 pm (UTC)

Hey, thanks for letting me know - I'll reactivate the "Ax Men" RSS filter on my BitTorrent client. ;)

On the Netflix movies-- I just cut back to two (and put it on hold for a month). I can only watch so many at once. I had Disc 4 of "Berlin Alexanderplatz" out for at least two months.

I did watch several that you have now. Persepolis was enjoyable, I am looking forward to "Looking for Bashir"- it's still in a theater here. I thought Pineapple Express was a big letdown, even from crappy kid shit like Superbad. And maybe you fell asleep during "Transformers" for a reason? No characters? I noticed myself wondering why the streetlamp globes didn't break and had to admit how bored I was. Bob Le Flambeur is a good thriller of that era. I saw "RockNRolla" on Saturday, but was rushed, to get it in the mail.

ON the books, I need to re-read "Lolita" as an adult, and I just got "The Road" in the mail with a pile of books. I am reading "The Shock Doctrine" right now, but am wondering if it's not a book that states its premise in the first chapter and then hammers it in for 600 (!) pages (e.g., "Blaming the Victim", "Whatever Happened to Kansas", many others).

anyway, it sounds like you are doing well...

(Deleted comment)
Doesn't seem so. I was able to make that 100 Gig partition, and I wish I would have made it even bigger. I need a place to put all my porn...


FAT32's theoretical maximum volume size is 2TB - but becuase Microsoft wanted people to use the more reliable NTFS for large volumes, W2K and WXP can only format a FAT32 volume of up to 32GB. They can USE larger FAT32 volumes - but you have to create those volumes with OS X or Linux or some third party partitioning/formatting tool.

"Eldest" wasn't as good for me as the others. I really liked "Altered Carbon". I'm curious as to what you make of "Lolita", I couldn't get into it.

For games try Dwarf Fortress, ADOM, Dungeon Crawl (Stone Soup), Net Hack. Big Fish Games has a large selection of casual games for the mac. And for everything else there's WINE.

If you're interested in cataloging your books, movies, music, etc., then I can recommend Delicious Library. It's a Mac-only app, and lets you hold up a book's bar code to the MacBook's built-in camera, and it then scans it and looks up the book's details online. I've been having a blast with it cataloging my own personal library.

Hey, you've got GREAT TASTE in Britcoms!

Coupling and Spaced are two of my FAVORITES!

(Vicar of Dibley and Father Ted got me through Seminary)

But what's this about dominating cops?

Please explain.

I was reminded of my favourite part of the MMORPG (read [mƏmorpigƏ]), City of Villains: beating up and murderizing the hot cops.

TV is just more desk space- google up Boxee and go to town...

I'm looking forward to watching you ride a motorcycle and shoot a gun while wearing scuba gear.....is the scuba thing just an extension of the rubber fetish/breath control thing?

Charles Stross and Richard Morgan are both swell, although I won't recommend Morgan's recent Thirteen. Curious to know how you like these when you do read them.

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