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In Other Words Sucker There Is No Other. I'm the One and Only Dominator.

I'm on the radio! Or at least the year-2009 equivalent. Nard interviewed me for about last weekend's International Bear Rendezvous.

The funny thing about the interview was I hadn't gotten to the host hotel yet. It took me longer than expected to pick my ex up from the airport. So, I am actually driving around San Francisco with one (plaster-casted hand) on the steering wheel looking for parking, and the other clutching the phone to my ear for the interview. Insanely stupid and irresponsible, I know, but I think I gave a smart funny interview in spite of that!

(The graphic above is from a game called "Vampire Wars". If you want to add me on facebook, I am Patrick Kellogg or

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(Deleted comment)
Nice catch! For everyone else, the lyric is from an early nineties techno song by the no-hit wonder group Human Resource called "Dominator":

I'm Bigger, and Bolder, and Rougher and Tougher, in Other Words Sucker, There is No Other

That message alone might motivate me to go join facebook in order to play that game. :)

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