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Pleased To Meet Me

This is my doppelgänger. His name is Also. So, he is actually me... Also. His full name is Also Sprach Zarathustra, or Mr. Zarathustra if you want to be formal.

My brother gave me the muppet as a gift. The Jim Henson studios partnered with FAO Schwarz to create a muppet-building workshop. The price is about a hundred bucks. You can make it yourself at their New York store, or order it online, where the manufacturing and shipping takes about three weeks.

The problem is, I wanted a muppet who looked like me. None of their options had a mustache or beard, and they all had hair. So, I ripped off the hair, and used my rudimentary sewing skills to turn the pompadour into facial hair. I think I was clever to use the cut-out mouth for a "premature balding" patch on the back of Also's head, similar to my own. And of course, I had to give him big bushy eyebrows like myself.

This type of muppet is called by the Jim Henson studios as a "whatnot". They were the miscellaneous characters constructed from leftover parts that filled out the background for the principal characters. So, you could say that I and Also also are merely extras in the movie of someone else's life. But someday we both want to direct.

Bye! Now... back in the box!

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww how clever!!!! Now, make a video for YouTube & post it!!!

And, like you, he likes a fist up his ass.

But you're cuter!

(Deleted comment)
that is possibly the BEST THING EVER!!
they got you look down perfect :) .. esp the eyes ...
we miss you ...

From one handpuppet to another? Sort of like looking at one of those pictures of people looking at their reflections in mirrors and mirrors and mirrors...

Bye! Now... back in the box!
You.... or the muppet? hehe

Very cute... you and the muppet.
And looks like the thread was thr right color.

The thread was perfect!

I'll have the big hand puppet with the little hand puppet please!

Maybe you should do a video of yourself controlling the puppet :o)

if only you'd applied some blue eye shadow and fake tan, he'd be a perfect likeness.

O.K. So, where's the YouTube link with your shtick?

The big secret is, the puppet is the top.


What a great idea / gift / present.... Unique!

And you're looking as totally woofy as ever! *slurrrrp*

Mr Zarathustra, Sir.

Actually, he does look sort of like Thor.

Well, the beard certainly does.

Where's that Estee Lauder Weekend Tan Spray?

LOL!!! That's pretty cool.