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Killer Angel

Here is a person I really hate: Romaine Patterson

Romaine is a talk show host on the soon-to-be-bankrupt Sirius/XM Radio. She is the spokebitch for the "Mangroomer", an expensive electric razor with a long handle, designed to remove all traces of pubic hair, because you know... adult men are "icky".

I called into her radio show last night on the OutQ station and got on the air. Romaine was complaining that seeing chest hair poking over the top of a man's t-shirt was disgusting. She was loud and shrill when I called in:

First time caller, long time gay bearCollapse )

But what I *wanted* to say is that Romaine is the classic man-hating lesbian, only accepting men if they are hairless pre-pubescent boys. When approached by a bear or hairy biker, her first instinct is to castrate them. She likes her gay men to be funny pink clowns like her co-host Derek, perfumed and fat, without a whiff of masculinity or power. Her prejudice will make many young gay men hate themselves when they start to sprout chest hair.

Take a look at the photo. Romaine is an ugly fat slag. She is an ignorant fuckhead, completely hypocritical in her misandry (the anti-male version of misogyny... I had to look it up), and spreading hate in order to make a buck. She sold shit once before, raping Matthew Shepard's corpse in order to write a badly-selling book about how she was actually the central focus of "The Laramie Project". She is an evil bitter person, completely poisonous to the gay community.

Yay! Good for you! I clip nose, ear hair, and do manscape (lightly) once in awhile.... but fur is still important and would never ever shave it off.

maybe she's mean because her mommy named her after lettuce.

Here is my $0.02. Not that anybody asked for it,

On me: I like to be smooth. I like to shave my pubes baby smooth. It is a look and feel that I like on myself.

On other men: I'm here aren't I? I'm one of the bear chasing twinks. Though I vehemently say that I am not a twink. I like men who look like men!

And as for her using Matthew to gain fame, anybody who would do that is a bitch and will get what is coming to her.

To be clear: hooray for guys who shave! I do it about once a year. I *love* it when a Master cares enough about me to care about what I look like. And bonus points if He's making me shave in order to humiliate me or to teach me a lesson that I shouldn't take being hairy for granted. Being a bear is a gift. And as the hair grows back in and it's all scratchy, I think about the Master all the time, and that's delicious.

And hooray for guys who only have a few hairs, and shave them off because they think the few hairs are distracting. And hooray for anyone with the guts to change their body to fit their ideal: piercings, tattoos, gender reassignment, lasik surgery... anything. You guys have amazing strength to physicalize the psychological and you rock.

But to hate yourself because hags like Romaine Patterson think you're a freak? That's twisted and sad. My ex's ex HATED his own body. This was before the invention of bears, and the guy had an ass that was so hairy it looked like he was wearing fur shorts. He used to shave himself weekly, a multiple-hour chore that resulted at least two dull razors and lots and lots of blood. Eventually, the guy killed himself. Ok, the drugs didn't help, but I can't help but think some acceptance by the gay community in the eighties could have helped him.

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(Deleted comment)
From wikipedia:

Possible bankruptcy/merger
As of 11 February 2009, Sirius XM had $3.25 billion in total debt and had until 17 February 2009 to repay $175 million in bonds held by EchoStar. EchoStar has been buying Sirius XM's debt since an unsuccessful December 2008 takeover bid. Sirius may instead form a deal with DirecTV. Shares of Sirius XM have been trading for less than 1$ since 10 September 2008. The company has announced that it may file for bankruptcy "as early as" Tuesday, February 17, 2009.

(Instead, they got a cash infusion last week from Liberty Media for $350 million... but that won't cover a future $400M note coming due. See http://www.aero-news.net/index.cfm?ContentBlockID=28b82131-47ec-4df7-80d0-09fda716c4c4)

Clear Channel is arguing in front of the FCC this week that, if allowed to buy Serius/XM, and the local newspaper, and every broadcast station in any particular community, it will improve the economy.

I'm not making this up!

(sound effect of a long fart)


There's nothing worse than a lesbian with penis envy.

She looks like my mother, when she was in college (except the less attractive haircut)!

I was kinda hoping it was you who farted!

I'm sorry, what was it that you were trying to say? I couldn't understand you because I went blind when you resorted to 3rd grade playground bullying.