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Killer Angel

Here is a person I really hate: Romaine Patterson

Romaine is a talk show host on the soon-to-be-bankrupt Sirius/XM Radio. She is the spokebitch for the "Mangroomer", an expensive electric razor with a long handle, designed to remove all traces of pubic hair, because you know... adult men are "icky".

I called into her radio show last night on the OutQ station and got on the air. Romaine was complaining that seeing chest hair poking over the top of a man's t-shirt was disgusting. She was loud and shrill when I called in:

Me: "Hi, my name is Patrick and I'm a bear in San Jose, California."

(sound effect of a long fart)

Me: "I think you as a lesbian selling a razor for men's back hair is like me selling a 'home clitorectomy kit' if I thought women's vaginas were disgusting."

Romaine: (long pause, then loud ranting) "... I think men have to be GROOMED... if I can see their hair, then it's wrong..."

Me: "But hair is a secondary sexual characteristic. I this it's no more appropriate for you to tell men how to look that it would be for me to tell lesbians to shave their legs or armpits. I treasure the diesel dykes and other women in my life and I wouldn't think of telling them how to dress."

Romaine: "It's like guys talking about dresses at the Academy Awards. I shave my snatch. And I know I'll get shit from the lesbians out there, but I don't shave my legs..."

(Then, after saying my two sentences, my time was up, and they went on to the next caller)

But what I *wanted* to say is that Romaine is the classic man-hating lesbian, only accepting men if they are hairless pre-pubescent boys. When approached by a bear or hairy biker, her first instinct is to castrate them. She likes her gay men to be funny pink clowns like her co-host Derek, perfumed and fat, without a whiff of masculinity or power. Her prejudice will make many young gay men hate themselves when they start to sprout chest hair.

Take a look at the photo. Romaine is an ugly fat slag. She is an ignorant fuckhead, completely hypocritical in her misandry (the anti-male version of misogyny... I had to look it up), and spreading hate in order to make a buck. She sold shit once before, raping Matthew Shepard's corpse in order to write a badly-selling book about how she was actually the central focus of "The Laramie Project". She is an evil bitter person, completely poisonous to the gay community.

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I'm fine taking on misandry, but you're being pretty misogynist yourself by calling her an "ugly fat slag." I mean, for centuries now men have dismissed feminism, feminists, and everything they (we) fight for by calling them fat and/or ugly, 'cause pretty thin women don't need feminism. And as a self-proclaimed bear, why would you link her fatness with her personal or political beliefs, especially in a derogatory way?

I like your blog (and you!) but think you oughta check your own misogyny and it's intersections with fatphobia.


I like heavier women, and I think she's quite attractive.

Hmm... is this like how I think Grover Norquist is kinda hot - but I'd have to give him a cranial enema before I could stand to take the gag out of his mouth?

I like men and women of all sizes. (As Mika says, "Big girl, you are beautiful!") It's just her hypocracy and judgemental attitude that makes her ugly to me.

If she weighed 80 pounds I would have called her an ugly skinny skank. I'm just angry... note for example that I didn't call her a cunt. I think cunts are wonderful things

Edited at 2009-02-24 11:00 pm (UTC)

A) Okay, so you're defending yourself against fatphobia. It still reeks of misogyny.


B) "I didn't call her a cunt. I think cunts are wonderful things"

So since you called her fat, you think being fat is a bad thing? Or skinny? Or, basically, you are allowed to objectively judge someone's body and use it as a way to detract from someone's personality and politics? I thought this whole post was about body diversity.

If her hypocrisy and judgmental attitudes make her ugly to you, say that. Otherwise, you sound like any other sexist asshole making nasty comments about women as they walk down the street.

She who lives by lookism dies by lookism. If she is going to publicly judge the appearance of others, then her own looks are fair game. If she was making fun of race or intelligence, I wouldn't go there. And if she was a man, I'd make the exact same attacks.

(Deleted comment)
I'll admit to name calling. I'm angry, and not interested in the finer points of debate. But i won't admit to misogyny.

If Brad Pitt called me ugly, I'd have to conceed. Yeah, compared to you. I got a lot going for me, and I'd think that Brad's being a dick, but he knows something about beauty. Maybe I should listen and ask for some tips. But if Donald Trump said I was ugly, I'd have to hand the guy a mirror before punching him in the face.

I know there is a lot of lookism in the gay community and dysfunction about the way gay men see women's bodies. But I don't want to talk about that right now. That's a huge issue, and while I have to admit I can't entirely escape my internal prejudices, I really hate Romaine Patterson in a way that is detached from gender politics. I hate her with a burning fire of pure blue flame that has nothing to do with the fact she's a woman.

She hates back hair on men, but doesn't shave her own legs. She thinks adult men are gross, and then walks around in sweatpants with food stains on them. She demands men cut off all their body hair weekly, but doesn't have the self-control to lose weight. In short, she is a hypocrite with dangerous opinions.

She is a hot woman in other photos, but her recent weight gain is dramatic (http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=%22romaine+patterson%22&btnG=Search+Images&gbv=2). I think that recently she's let herself go, and she's taking out her self-hatred of her own body by projecting it onto hairy men. And that's sick... she's one slovenly rude fat idiot.

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