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Ding Dong the Mainstream Press is Dead

I have a theory that it's a good idea to only have enemies who are older than you are. That way, when they die, you can piss on their grave.

In 1992, the Rocky Mountain News endorsed Colorado's Amendment 2. It stripped all legal rights away from gay and lesbian citizens. If you had a problem with any state law, statue, or ordinance, you couldn't petition the court. Read that part again: the entire government was barred from doing anything for (or against) gay people. Homosexuality could not be mentioned in any business performed by the state of Colorado. It was like gay, lesbian, and transgender people didn't exist.

The law was overturned by the U.S. supreme court as being blatently unconstitutional. It's obvious that it is immoral to prevent someone from arguing the fact that they can't argue. But it was four full years before the law was overturned.

The Rocky Mountain News strongly supported Amendment 2. It rallied its readership in long editorials that talked about "special rights" for gay people. I was closeted at the time, and was talking to a coworker. He snorted, "Special rights? I don't think they should have *any* rights."

Today, the Rocky Mountain News folded. I couldn't be happer. I am going to print out a copy of their defunct web page, put it on the ground, and piss on it like a puppy.

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I can give you a log in for the e-Edition if you really want to take it to the "9th" degree.

I hadn't known this about their editorial staff. Hopefully things have changed since then.

No, the paper is owner by conservative MediaNews Group Inc., who bought both the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post. Both papers endorsed George W. Bush in 2004.

RMN was owned by Scripps (Howard), which has owned it since 1922. They were forced into a "JOA" in 2001 with the horrid MediaNews Group though, who underhandedly destroyed the Salt Lake Tribune as well (Utah's independent voice). Dean Singleton forced the Trib to endorse G.W. Bush in '04 and start endorsements again - something they hadn't done for decades.

Oh yeah! That's what I was thinking of. To everyone out there, Dean Singleton is an absolute tool: a right wing media asshole who contributes heavily to Republican campaigns and uses his newspapers as propaganda to promote his personal politics.

And he's the Mother f-ing chair of the AP. No wonder their Washington (DC) reporting has stunk!

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