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Stretch Arm Strong
This Friday night, 03/06/2009, I am going to the Rubber Night at the Chaps II bar in San Francisco.

I love wearing rubber. I love the smell and the look and the feel. I like how it's restraining, but you can still move... the latex pulling at your limbs like a second skin. I feel like an alien creature - sexy and exotic and otherwordly. Plus I can get muddy or pissed on, and everything washes right off! Lately, I had two (argh) latex shirts tear, so I've been getting into heavy industrial rubber... huge eight eighth-inch thick hazmat suits with fully enclosed breathing that weigh 80 pounds or more.

It's the safest sex there is. {grin} Please let me know if you stop by the bar by texting me at 303-594-9220. I'll be at Chaps II from about 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Hope to see you there!

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eight-inch thick

That is thick!

Re: the h you say!

Corrected Sir: an "eighth" of an inch thick. See? Me and details... me and details. We don't like each other.

Still, now you've got me thinking about gluing you between two 3/8" rubber floormats, only we're going to have incorporate breathing apparatus because of the fumes from the solvent....

I'll drive you to Canal Rubber for the supplies. ;-)

Re: the h you say!

Mmmm... now i'm thinking about an eight-inch thick rubber sarcophagus. i fit in it like a coffin, and then heavy buckles lock me in. It fits completely tight to my skin, although various things could be... um... pumped in between my body and the rubber to make the seal even tighter. Just one small hole at the top near the end is my only link to the world.

yanno, i never understood the appeal of rubber until a friend strapped a gas mask on my head and blocked the air intake...

Edited at 2009-03-05 07:11 pm (UTC)

yeah -- gasmasks are an entry drug, and the first taste is free....

Funny, I’ve always been the opposite. I find rubber clothing very appealing, but gas masks are a turn-off. I just find they take away a guys humanity and I can’t see their facial expressions through one; seeing guys facial expressions during sex is a big turn-on for me.

I like how it's Spanx for butch people.

You know, you have really nice neck and traps. Really solid looking.

Yeah, they can take a lot of abuse. Maybe someday You can test that for me...

Are you going to be able to text message when you're in the hazmat suit?

"hi!*& immmm at t he baur ddriunkingh. cooooom sai h i,"

Mmmmm, rubber. And they say women don't have fetishes!

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