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At the tattoo convention

I went to the world's largest tattoo convention last weekend. Thanks to wet_in_sf for the invitation... it was a great idea, and I also enjoyed brunch with him beforehand. It was also great to run into theoctothorpe and notdefined there. If you've even wanted to see a lot of hot shirtless straight biker dudes all in one place, I highly recommend going to an ink show.

1. Me_n_George
2. theoctothorpe
3. Hot
4. Top_hat
5. Shirtless
6. Big_un
7. Sittin
8. Lookin
9. Mean
10. Cowboy_And_Customer
11. New_ring

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I really should have asked if I could tag along with you and wet_in_sf but I had this weird compulsion to get home. I have no idea why, I'm sure I'd have had a lot more fun otherwise.

I've never been to a tattoo convention ... I can imagine there's eye candy in all directions. ;)

I think you would have enjoyed it and you would have fit in nicely!

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