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Roll Fog Roll

I apologize for LiveJournal whoring again, but my rugby team, the San Francisco Fog, is entered in a contest at outsports.com to decide the best local LGBT athletic team. Please click on the following link and choose the big burly rugby players over the spirit fingers cheerleaders. Not that I have anything against cheer squads, but they always seem happy enough. They don't need to win this. We do... we're all battered and bruised and need the encouragement. Hell, the other team should be cheering for *us* to win!


Clicking on the link will just take you three seconds... I promise. No registration required. And you can vote again from another computer or IP adress, and even vote using your phone. Thanks for the support - though rugby players don't usually use athletic supporters... 

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you make it sound like being beaten, battered and bruised is a bad thing *g*

I was going for the pity vote. (sad puppy dog eyes)

well, I voted for you guys even though you were competing against NY...

You're my favorite media whore.

Sadly I don't know whose it is. I glommed the image and refitted it for use as an icon.

Voted - and it's neck-and-neck!

One more vote for the Fog. :o)

That's too bad about the athletic supporters. You'd probably get more votes by promising dirty jocks from dirty jocks. I voted for rugby anyway.

Hmm... dirty, sweaty, macho ruggers or ... cheerleaders?

Q. E. DUH!

You got my vote.

I voted!

Fog: 51%
Fingers: 49%

Twinks Vs Butch Men! It's close! LOL

I'll give you a battering, bruising and encouraging alright! ;o)

"K, voted!

Kick 'em in the pom-poms!

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