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Calendar Boy
I am Mr. March 2007 for the Denver Eagle 2007 Boots calendar.

Here I am in the March "oil" photo with Bill.

Here I am wrestling for the November photo. Yeah, I'm the one on the bottom. Losing.

For more information, check out Lewis Parker Photography, or call 303-304-1434.

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A request for your next photo shoot: peanut butter, followed by maple syrup, then rolled in Rice Krispies. Then ship yourself off in a box to me!

Oh my my my my...........I will have to pick up said calendar when I am at the Wrangler for Beer Bust at the end of May....

(that's a HINT if you are paying attention :) )

how could you let yourself lose to someone who appears to be wearing cheetah print spandex?

... the question, had I lived somewhere other than Denver, I would've asked ...


Very cool. See you tonight.

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