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These are the jokes, folks...
me: Did you see the video with the turtle trying to have sex with a tennis shoe?

allanh: Yes, that's a box turtle Herman's Tortoise. They're really dumb, and try to have sex with anything

me: That sounds like a boyfriend I used to have

other person at bear brunch today: You say that as if it's a bad thing

me: Well, sex with him was fantastic, but my shoes were all DESTROYED

I swear, I work all week on new material, and try to perfect the perfect Paul Lynde delivery, and I didn't even get a laugh. I really don't know why I bother... {grin}

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So to be Paul Lynde you have to ab a bitter angry queen who hates everyone and likes to drink alot.

for some reason i dont see you like that.

But you have to admit he had some funny lines:

"You sank my dingy!"

oh i loved him. i learned all my dry witt and humor from himmJack Benny, Bob newheart, carol Burnette, and the drunks on the TV game shows. If you can see him in Pajama game someplace ( i know the tape exists) he is great in it because he is playing himself.

one thing about bad jokes is that when you tell them, people want to cause you bodily pain.....

You say that as though that would be a BAD thing for our fair mudcub....

nah, it was intended as an incentive. I like the whole idea of a slaveboy-comic that only gets punished when it's funny......

Actually, it sounds more more like Groucho Marx.

sounds like me. i go for a pained look or a groan or a "shut the hell up and go away"

Oh come on... it's a good joke!

oh i like it but others wouldn't probably get it

I think it'd go over better in a Steven Wright-like deadpan, than Paul Lynde.

No, what I said was, "That's a Herrman's Tortoise, also known as a Greek Tortoise."

Male box turtles can be sex-crazed, but Hermann's males are sex-obsessed. Anything they meet is classified under one of their three "F"s: Food, Fighting, or Fucking. There are no alternate states of mind for a male Hermann's.

Edited at 2009-03-16 03:26 pm (UTC)

Fixed! And thank you for the correction.

What the? I'd have laughed. I thought it was an unexpected punch line!

you didn't get a laugh
that was good >HUGS<
some fags can't laugh when inoccent shoes are being destroyed by cock 8-}
lol keep up the jokes i like um

I test all new material on students first. It helps me keep the few friends I still have!

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